Public Art

PtB2 cafe

August 2014

In the Art Shed at the Just Festival the PtB2 cafe served coffee and conversation.  This time, however the conversation was ready made and printed out for two people to share.  When they had finished the ready-made then customers were invited to record themselves chatting for 10 minutes, ready for the next day.  The recordings would then be emailed to Bopanna at in Bangaloreptb2 cafe proposal to be typed up for the following day.

There were various difficulties to be overcome, such as unexpected holidays in India when no work could be done, and problems with accents and understanding..which led to a new strands beginning.  Overall it worked very well and took advantage of the extraordinarily international audience in Edinburgh in August.

Conversations travelled between people from Lagos to Scotland to Greece, and from Hong Kong to Australia to Israel to Mexico..and they will continue on in August 2015 too.

IMG_0254conversation map


March 2014 Himalaya Cafe, Edinburgh.

An exhibition looking at life, memories, time and change, incorporating slide transparencies, cine film, photographs letters in a linear display.

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Performing the Border

May 2013, Glasgow School of Art Degree Show

(with thanks to Ursula Biemann for the title and inspiring example) Set up included high end cafe serving hot and cold drinks and a full menu of ready made conversations.  These conversations were all extracted from a conversation which took place with a couple staying in an all-inclusive resort on the island of Boavista and explored the experiences of being a holiday maker from the UK travelling abroad.

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