Moving Image

On this page are links to various films I have made published either on Youtube or Vimeo.

Monkey Business

At 6am, in October 2014, I sat on a wall near the entrance to Ankhor Wat in Cambodia, entranced by the activity in this rubbish bin.


The Boavista Line.

March 2013

This is documentation of a performance which took place on Boavista in the Cape Verde Islands in March 2013.  The end of a ball of wool was attached to the front entrance of a large all-inclusive hotel and then unravelled along the road to the nearby town, creating a link between the two segragated communities.  The action of unravelling took place on one day, and then it was wound back in again on the following day.


Easterhouse Wrap

February 2013

In response to an invitation to make work in Easterhouse for presentation at Platform Arts Centre, this is documentation of a performance in which the boundary of Easterhouse was drawn on the ground with coloured wool. Actually, they were mostly not wool but manmade fibres and about 30 balls of wool were used in the process.  The wool was gathered up subsequently and displayed in Platform along with this video of the performance.  The voices are of people living in Easterhouse who were interviewed for this work and asked to talk about their comings and goings from Easterhouse.








Woven Narrative: Ode to St Thenew

March 2013

Inspired by the story of St Thenew these films were made with Standard 8 cine film, a mixture of new footage and found material, and projected as a pentaptych on to a free floating silk screen.  The accompanying song was written and performed by Sharon McBrearty.

The Walk

March 2012

In 2012 as part of a group from Glasgow School of Art I was invited to make work in Bellahouston Park.  I made The Walk, an exact copy of the walk refugees and asylum seekers make from the Unity Centre to the UK Border Agency on Brand St in Govan.. less than a mile from the park, but a whole other universe from the leafy peacefulness.


July 2011.


May 2010.

The three components of this piece are Standard 8 cine films of my mother, uncle and grandfather.