1st February Arthur’s Seat


When you look up to Arthur’s Seat from all around the city it always looks as though it has stubble growing on its very top.. well this is the stubble..



Arthur’s Seat 28/1/17


It is a really sharp craggy summit, with the last little bit jaggy right to the top..and although there are lots of people around the summit area not to many fit on the pinnacle at once.  This time we overheard a man saying ‘so we have conquered Arthur’s Seat.. in fact it isn’t Arthur’s seat any more, it’s your seat!’  and there were people speaking spanish from the Canary Islands, a canadian woman, and a group of people from Holland and Italy having a weekend in Edinburgh together.

January 27th

Today was a great day..but by the time I reached the top it was nearly dark again.  I could only just see the ground on my way down.   On the way up I met two women from Lithuania, one of them now lives in Edinburgh but the other lives in Dublin and is just here for the weekend.  Then on the top there was a group of students sitting in the shelter of the topmost crag enjoying the twilight.. they were all chatting in English but were from Denmark, Poland, Holland and France.. and I got married, the house of full of balloons, gratitude and love.p1020685

Getting above the clouds

I do get above the clouds pretty often when at work, and the moment you break through into the sunshine is always lovely.. sometimes over Glasgow it isn’t until we are over 20,000 ft on a really grey day..and generally as we transition from cloud to sun we are climbing at more than 3000 ft per minute so it’s pretty quick.

But today was really special as I got through the cloud entirely under my own steam, walking up Ben Ledi from Glen Finglas.  It was really dour and dreich and cold below, but above 2000 ft the grey above turned slightly blue..and then all of a sudden I was in brilliant sunshine.