Doreen Massey…. The Kilburn Manifesto

Tonight was a treat evening:  dinner of left over fish pie with peas slathered with mayonnaise, listening to a lecture on You Tube by Doreen Massey on vocabularies of the economy, in particular the words investment, expenditure and speculation.  She is brilliant.  Anyone who is baffled as to how we have been bamboozled into neo-liberalism will find it a hugely refreshing and clear explanation.  This talk back in July 2013 was one of a series being given by Massey and others as part of their Kilburn Manifesto series.


Table of Submissions

The Table of Submissions was the first exhibition to take place in the Art Shed, hosted by the Just Festival in Edinburgh in August 2014.  To say I was nervous beforehand would be an understatement!  With so much support from my fellow collective members Chris Silver, Tess Vaughan, Justyna Ataman and Delphine Dallison we pulled off a really succesful exhibition enabling 28 different artists to show work at the Edinburgh Festival for the first time.  Jen Martin was commissioned to document the activity and to make this film.