Paul Gauguin

Just thinking about experiences around identity, the ebb and flow, the sea of humanity upon the sea itself…coming and going, forming, fusing, fracturing, disolving, reforming, flotsam.  When Paul Gauguin was young he was taught by the Bishop of Orleans this catechism to help them toward un understanding of the nature of life:

“Where does humanity come from?” “Where is it going to?”, “How does humanity proceed?”

When later in life he was living in Tahiti he made the painting below which he thought was one of the best and most important of his life.








This painting is titled Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

I could ask that of myself right now, and today the answers might be a bit unpromising, but actually, it is just what I want to be asking everyone else.

Thanks to Wikipedia.. how did I survive beforehand.  The painting itself hangs the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.





2 thoughts on “Paul Gauguin

  1. Have just found your Christmas Cards (referenced on the Ekklesia site). I absolutely love them and will hot foot it to the Peace and Justice centre tomorrow to buy!
    Subsequently found your blog and have enjoyed a stimulating root around. This painting in particular could be really useful in a Reflective Space event we hope to offer in our local church. Brilliant! Blessing upon blessing on you.

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