Cape Farewell at Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

Stumbled across the Sea Change exhibition a couple of days ago, part of the Cape Farewell project.  Artists and scientists together working and exploring seas and islands of the Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland and St Kilda.  So many very moving and powerful insights into this harsh, beautiful landscape and the fragile harmony that has existed over the years between humans and nature. I came away feeling like I had been to sea myself.

There were two films in this exhibition which really stayed with me afterwards.  The first was David Harradine’s film It’s the Skin You’re Living In.  Harradine’s website describes the film as being about climate, migration and home.  Somehow, though, I find it works beyond words and the explanations are unnecessary.. the art does the work. 

It’s the Skin You’re Living In

The second film is set in The Italien Chapel, Orkney where Karine Polwart sings “Freedom Come All Ye”, written by Hamish Henderson, the best and most beautiful performance of this inspiring anthem.

For those who aren’t familiar with this song here is a link to the Scots lyrics and a translation into English and a bit of information about it.

Freedom Come All Ye lyrics

The Cape Farewell Project describe their work as follows:

“Cape Farewell works in partnership with scientific and cultural institutions to deliver an innovative climate programme of public engagement. We use the notion of expedition – Arctic, Island, Urban and Conceptual – to interrogate the scientific, social and economic realities that lead to climate disruption, and to inspire the creation of climate focused art which is disseminated across a range of platforms – exhibitions, festivals, publications, digital media and film.”

Do go if you can, the exhibition is on until Jan 26th 2014.


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