Martha Rosler ….

I really highly rate the work of Martha Rosler.  Her art addresses politics, the personal and impersonal, and private and public space… especially the work around airports and their qualities of ‘non-space’ .  Railway stations lift my spirits and send my imagination on wonderful journeys whereas airports, in contrast, seem to be about crushing people into units to be managed from one queue to the next whilst shaking as much cash out of them as possible.

Anyway.. earlier this year Rosler participated in the ‘Economy’ exhibition in Stills, Edinburgh, and her work consisted of a text written upon the gallery wall.  That text resonated with the nature of high speed travel, impersonally passing people, places and histories being made.  Below it has been imposed it over a wind chart of the north Atlantic printed for a journey from Barbados to Manchester.  The thick black lines represent the jet streams, channels of fast moving air at high altitude.  I hope she won’t mind.

martha rosler weather chart


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