St Thenew

Way back in September Delphine Dallison, colleague at Glasgow School of Art, invited me to join her in planning an exhibition inspired by the life story and experience of St Thenew, St who?, St Thenew, mother of St Mungo.  I had never heard of her, and nor has practically anyone else when I have mentioned her name.. St who? they say.

We did put on the exhibition, on 5th March.. , more will follow on this,


but here is the information Delphine wrote for the exhibition catalogue:

The Thenew Factor

 This exhibition was first inspired by Elspeth King’s concept of the ‘Thenew Factor’ which she coined after the story of St Thenew:

“St Thenew, one of the few Scottish born pre-Reformation female saints, was the mother of St Mungo, patron saint of Glasgow. She is on record as Scotland’s first recorded rape victim, battered woman and unmarried mother. In the course of history, she has had a name, sex and nationality change; her story is virtually unknown, and she is remembered only in the place-name ‘St Enoch’.”

The story of St Thenew is highly symbolic of the systematic exclusion of the role of women in Glasgow and its erasure from the history books.

If you would like to know more, the information is available: with tons of onward references

And here is the first reposnse I made, after a very irritating time typing out a proposal.


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