Love Never Dies

I have been dreadful about keeping up to date with all I have been doing.  Time to make amends.

I have been experimenting with cine film again this year…  This piece was made for an exhibition in college shown in January.  I have both my mother and my grandfathers elderly Bell and Howell projectors, super old machines which I can take apart and lubicate and there are no printed circuit boards anywhere in sight.  My grandfather had a 40 year huff with my mother, and he would not speak or write except censoriously during that time despite my mother’s best efforts to heal the rift.  Fortunately they made up a few years ago, when he was 93 and she was 70.

In this work the two projectors faced each other with a silk screen dividing the space.  Each projector had a small loop of film which I had drawn on with felt pen, so the projected marks from each projector mingled conversationally on the silk between them.  Someone had written Love Never Dies on the black shutters behind the work; I thought it was fitting!  I have included some of the development of this I think the process of making and testing is fun..


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