My new pride and joy

I have been given a mystery camera, from a mysterious background, possibly even a chequered backgound..and it came with a mystery film in it..the details had been covered over with back tape.  It is a nikon F301, with a gorgeous lens 50mm nikon series E lens, the joy of using it is something else.  It is about relearning film again, as since my last treasured camera was stolen back in 1999 I haven’t had a good film camera.  I have just had my first film developed, having wondered throughout using it what was inside…..and going to collect the film reminded me of how it used to be so exciting, picking up and ripping open the packet from the developers.. and the first film turned out to be a hi-speed colour negative film and the results great.  Some duff shots and some I am delighted with.

Anyway, this mystery was given to me by my wonderful friend and gifted photographer Michael Marten..and he wrote about this camera on his blog.
So I am wondering if anyone reading this blog might have taken their camera to a bullfight some time ago.. and if so, do get in touch.