Katri Walker

Looking at the work of Dalziel and Scullion reminded me of an exhibition I saw last summer during the Edinburgh Festival by Katri Walker.  Her triptych film Northwest was being shown, a 10 minute loop of the empty amazing wide Assynt landscape with a soundtrack of music.  It was absolutely beautiful.  In a way I would have just liked to hear the ambient sounds, of the wind over the microphone and the occasional bird call, but actually the sound of the human voice on the score did point the absence of signs of people in the landscape.  Katri Walker writes about the work on her website:

This work alludes to the historical relationship between Scottish emigration to the States and the emergence of the American cowboy while exploring mankind’s relationship to land, land ownership and the visual depiction of land as a signifier for notions of nationalism.

Wounded Knee , a singer and experimental vocalist, created the musical score that draws on and plays with the melancholic tones of the Spaghetti Western and Scottish folk music to create a unique and ambiguous cinematic soundtrack.

Katri Walker is a very generous artist, on her website is tons of information and it is possible to see some of her films full length which is really helpful.  Another thing there is a link to this article about how mountains have not always been seen as beautiful, http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/jonathanjonesblog/2011/feb/08/mountains-leonardo-giambologna-art



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