Grayson Perry at the British Museum

Grayson Perry has called this exhibition The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman, and then he says, well actually that would be an equally good name for the entire British Museum.  This is a fantastic show, in which Perry has included works he has made alongside the objects in the Museum’s collection which inspired him.

Perry shows just how the ideas and motivations which have occupied people are the same across centuries and continents, birth, love, sex, status,  death, and the search for meaning.  Our similarities are so much greater than our differences, and standing looking at some really ancient piece from the museum next to something by Perry addressing the same issue, it makes you feel closer to people from the past.  Perrrys motorbike is at the entrance to the exhibition, it is beautifully garish and mental, and has the word humility painted on the side.  Humility is a quality Perry brings to the whole exhibition.. his own work complements and brings out the quality in the exhibits from other craftsmen in a brilliant way, but he does not dominate.

This exhibition is on til February and is a must see if you can.  It was very busy when I went round,over and I kept overhearing people giggling.


EXHIBITION – Where are We Now?

This week I am participating in a joint exhibition with some colleagues from the Sculpture and Environmental Art course at Glasgow School of Art.  It is at the Art School Students Union building at 468 Sauchiehall St, part of the old art deco building that was the Beresford Hotel ..

The work I have included is based on the Tide and Time work I did during the summer.. included as a sequence in which the tide rises up through three short films, all in real time!

Tess Vaughan’s poignant video recalls physical memories from her childhoodhome by pacing them out in different locations.  During the exhibition she has also beeen interviewing visitors about their memories..and creating new work by recording this process.

Sarah Garcia has included some fabulous photographs taken during a field trip to Skye

Sharon McBrearty has included a series of 10 drawings  and paintings that make you want to stop and stare.. full of form texture and meaning.. they are great.

This has been the first group show organised with colleagues here in Glasgow.. thanks pals.