Economic Bond

There are terrible cuts to the British Film Industry caused by the Iron Hand of George Axeman Osbourne.  Tough choices face places like the famous Pinewood Studios.  Here is an offering for the new Bond fit the next 007 which will be released after the cuts have bitten……………

Offered with much gratitude to John Barry for his music and recording.


Layering time

One of the things about moving image is the way it requires an intereaction with time…as does music.   I was playing about with this when I did the portraits which are below..messing with moving and still images and sound tracks.

Here is another variation on the same idea.. I quite like the way it recedes into the past..and the way you see the mouse jumping along on each screen in turn.

The Modern Institute and Victoria Morton

On our gallery tour we visited the Modern Institute where there is an exhibition of Victoria Morton’s work.  The Modern Institute is a commercial gallery on Osborne St in Glasgow, a beautiful white long room gallery with big windows and the ceiling is open to the rafters which hold large velux wondows.. it is a converted bath house and is a building with a lovely character.

Victoria Mortons works were spaced out aound the gallery, a mixture of large canvases hanging on the walls, some smaller paintings, sometimes on odd surfaces that were freestanding, and then odd juxtapositions, 3d pieces standing alone or hanging on the wall…but my main experience was of things all very much spread out, splashes of vibrant colour in this big white cavernous space.  It all felt very expensive, and even more so as no prices were displayed..the sort of place where if you need to know the price you can’t afford the item.  I don’t get this.  She seems an interesting artist, performs in a whacky group called Muscles of Joy, and yet I find her show set out in such a starched way is hugely off-putting.  However this wasn’t designed for the likes of me..I am sure the Modern Institute know their target audience inside out.

Plan B Books and Cosmic Designs

Across the road from the Modern Institute is Plan B Books.. at first all I saw was a little sign saying ‘cafe’ as it was nearing 4pm, and I turn into a monster if I don’t have a cup of tea in the afternoon.  I abandoned the gallery tour and beetled across the road into the small dark was like entering another world: the room was full of people all hushed and hunched over drawing pads in total concentration all working away..  The man at the desk and I whispered that I would like a cup of tea and etc etc and he whispered back what on earth was going on

This was the world of Cosmic Designs and I had stumbled across a 24 hour Comic Drawing Marathon.  Check out the facebook page of

Cosmic Designs Workshops & Printing

Going from the Modern Institute to this could not have been a greater contrast..a tiny crowded space, lots of people concentrating and creating.. with an emphasis on stuff by the people for the people.