Suntrap Garden, Edinburgh

I discovered Suntrap Garden is a wonderful oasis at Gogarbank on the west side of Edinburgh.  It was given to the National Trust by George Boyd Anderson in 1966 for horticultural education as a gardeners learning resource.  The house he had built on the site was also well ahead of its time and has been preserved intact, and is full of 1950’s period features.  We had a wonderful afternoon exploring the grounds and were shown round the house which I loved.

Suntrap was cared for by Oatridge College for many years but the college no longer requires the site and although Suntrap is being beautifully looked by keen and devoted volunteers the National Trust want to sell the property, at full commercial value, to developers.

If you haven’t been to Suntrap Garden go now before it is too late!  They are open Tueasday and Friday 10.30am to 4pm, and Saturdays and Sundays from 12.30 to 4pm.  This link to their website seems a bit unreliable, but if you google Suntrap Garden, Edinburgh it appears pronto!



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