Michael and portraiture

My amazing friend Michael Marten took my portrait earlier this summer with his 1953 Rolleiflex camera..manual everything, all back to front..about as far from the unthinking click as taking a photograph can get.  We were in front of the Dean Gallery close to a favourite work of mine, Nathan Coleys illuminated pronouncement that “THERE WILL BE NO MIRACLES HERE”  which was very difficult to capture on a bright day.  Here he is setting up..

To see the result of Michael’s work look at his blog..


This experience has got me thinking much more about the nature of portraiture and its formal conventions.  My mothers family took cine films and I have a box full dating back to the 1930’s.  I showed my 95 year old great aunt Patricia one of the oldest.. she saw herself as a young woman walking along and talking with her mother.  The past seemed very much present.


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