Werner Herzog, Cave of the Forgotten Dreams

Two people had told me to see this film about Chauvet Cave, and I am so glad.  It is absolutely enthralling, the film crew have only limited time in this very deep cave to see extraordinary paintings of great subltlety and beauty from 32 thousand years ago.  We are talking seriously early man.  I originally thought this meant Neanderthal , but I was corrected by a friend and have since read an article about the various different early people who evolved into homo sapiens of whom neanderthal was only one.  Compared with 32 thousand years ago when these drawings were made, the ancient Greek and Roman worlds were just last week.

Herzog asks questions of all the different experts working on the findings from the caves. There is just so much mystery and wonder about who they were and why they made these detailed drawings.  It also calls into question all sorts of notions about progress.  See it if you can.


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