August Sander, Photographer

The other side of the road from Jeff Koons is an exhibition of the work of August Sander, and there could not be a greater contrast in mood and content.   

August Sander was a German photographer of the 20th Century and his major lifes work was recording ordinary people in their various occupations to form a series he called People of the 20th Century.  In 1929 he published a book titled Face of our Time containing a selection of 60 portraits from this series.  He fell foul of the Nazi authorities because of the absolute equality in his approach to all his subjects rather than promoting the Aryan ideal, as a consequence the photographic plates of Face of Our Time was destroyed.  Sandler took trouble to photograph people shunned by the Nazi regime, including Jews, Travellors, people with disabilities and vagrants.  His son Erich was amember of the Socialist Workers Party and was arrested in 1934, sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.  He died shortly before he was due to be released in 1944.  Sander wrote about photography as documentary, the need for honesty and integrity, without interfering or manipulating the image.


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