Bawbie’s Thank yous…

Bawbie has only become possible because of the help of two people,

Firstly my aunt Jenny allowed me to use my uncle Toby’s formal dress kilt outfit.   Seeing all the mannequins around the West Highland Museum in Highland dress, was what started this whole train of thought.  The loftier the status of the historical figure, the larger, hairier, and more bejewelled would be the sporran and other accoutrements of that individual in the display cases in the Museum.  My aunt was able to lend me my uncles kilt, waistcoat, jacket and socks..but the sporran was missing.  In the twinkling of an eye a sporran was constructed, using bathroom plug chain, a ladies evening bag and a wig.  I had to choose between two wigs:

I chose the red wig primarily because my uncle, father and grandmother all had red hair.  Also the white wig looked rather like a large sheeps bottom and that seemed undignified..also I rather like wearing the white wig and so didn’t want to cut it up.

The other person to whom huge thanks are due is my pal John Philip, who, for this project, taught me how to use a circular saw without cutting off either mine or anyone else’s arms and legs, and taught me an enormous amount simple electric circuits and switches.  I now know what VERO board is, how to wire a latching relay, and how a reed switch works.


This has been huge amounts of fun.  I really really hope other people think so too.


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