Kilted man project

New scheme..

I wondered if I could borrow my uncle Toby’s sporran for this project.  I can’t as it is not around any more, but to my surprise and joy the rest of his dress kilt outfit is, Lochaber tartan kilt. waistcoat, jacket and socks.  Had his sporran been available I am sure it would have been like my fathers and relatively understated, so not really what is wanted! 

I have purchased a mannequin for £11.50.  He arrived tightly wrapped in black plastic, revealing all and caused the postman and our neighbours hysterics.  A fine figure of a headless torso….

My plan is to have a collection box at the feet of the figure, and when money is dropped into the collection box a Barbie doll will emerge out of the neck to say thank you.  It will be a means of saying ‘Thank You’ to givers, the museum needs the money after all, it will make people laugh, it will send up some of the mythology, and with one stereotype appearing out of another..the whole idea tickles me hugely.


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