Following on from seeing all the work in the cabinets I was thinking if I made a cabinet with coin operated devices in them that would fit in well with the museum.  Some cardboard models of ideas from my detailed visit to the museum were inserted.. a steam engine intended to travel upwards as a bicyle wheel rotated; an ornate bejewelled sporran with perhaps furry inhabitants that might pop their heads in and out; a model of the museum which would light up; and a model of the museum birching table..although that idea didn’t fly as I couldn’t envisage a way of portraying this in action that I did not find repugnant.

However, the deadline for this project within the college is 22nd February, ie 3 weeks.  The feedback from tutors today was clear, there is no way this is going to be ready for presentation to the public in 3 weeks, it is far far too complicated. Fantasy meets reality..time for a rethink. The tutors came up with suggestions about how to build on the work thus far.. but there is another missing element for me, as with my earlier gifting machine design.. it lacks bite somehow, it is a bit too bland, light entertainment. 

 I still think this would be a good way to give pleasure and earn funds for the museum, but it will need to be done outside of term time as huge amounts of problem solving will need to take place.



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