I have surveyed 110 people, getting as even a spread as possible from different social groups: work, art college (staff and students), church, friends, visitors to a tourist attraction.

The first question was “How likely are you to leave a donation after visiting a free museum?  People answered as follows:

Always 18

Most Times 28

Occasionally 30

Rarely 24

Never 10.

So for more than half the respondents they are less than likely to leave a donation.  Another interesting point was that for 56 respondents a a major determinant was whether they had the money readily to hand.  For those more likely to give the main consideration was gratitude for a good experience.  The most likely size of donation across the survey was £2, and the same was true of what people would expect to pay for a cup of tea.

I am interested in the people who only occasionally or rarely give money, and how to make it more fun and easier for them to do so.  I have an idea that if you pop a coin through a slot and then here may be one or other of the sounds below as you walk away, curiosity might also infect other people within earshot!

breaking glass edited

my scream for

or something less horrible…


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