How fun can change people’s behaviour..

Just beginning to research how I might be able to intervene, and a friend posted the link to this video on her facebook page.

It reminds me a lot of Martin Creed’s staircase installation at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh last summer, only this is better.  It is better sounding, the piano keys look brilliant, but mostly it is better for being out there, in the public arena, not tucked away in a gallery, brightening up the days of public transport users through surprise, humour, and personal interaction with it.

This was one of several ideas on the website where ideas testing the notion that fun can be used to change peoples behaviour are explored.  This whole website and competition is sponsored by Volkswagen; their motivation is to explore the idea that if driving more environmentally friendly cars could be made more fun, then more people would do so.

I like the Worlds Deepest Bin design.. located in a park this bin makes the sound of something plunging downwards for  miles before crashing in the very far distance.


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