Hertie Querty at GOMA

The title is from old Scots. ‘Hertie’ means persons fond of fun, and merry. ‘Querty ‘ means in good spirits, full of fun and mischief.  This was a wonderful exhibition which captured the curiosity and persistant thoroughness of a child’s enquiries.  There was a piece called Gobstopper, where children were driven through the Clyde Tunnel and they held their breath as they did so….my naughty nephews and various other children always did that crossing the Ballachulish Bridge (not as big a challenge as the Clyde Tunnel).  And the same artist, Roderick Buchanon, also did another video of dropping bottles of fizzy pop from a height and watching what happened, the smash and the colour and spread and fizziness of the drink and glass…

For a collection with so many fun ideas, their collection box was very dull!


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