Tacita Dean…again, in Glasgow

So exciting that the Common Guild should have on a show of Tacita Dean’s recent works.  They have one 16mm film showing, projected via a mirrored right angle on to a square of special acrylic hanging in the middle of the room so you can walk around it.  The film is mainly a series of still shots of two pears in separate bottles, very little in the way of movement happens.  The colours and subject matter are just luminous and I was transfixed.  The same spellbinding capturing of light and inconsequential momentousness as I remembered from The Presentation Sisters.

The Common Guild flannel panel has this written about Dean’s work:

“Central to all of the works in the exhibition, and her practice in general, is an acute awareness of time and the weight of history that accompanies it. Using the still life as a means of observing temporality Dean’s work often acts as a memento mori, reminding us of our own mortality, and the endurance of nature.”

And even better, there are to be two showings of Cranebank next weekend 17/18th Dec in Glasgow as part of this exhibitionand I Have a ticket!


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