Packaging – and values.

 The way objects are wrapped denotes their importance.  Even the cheapest piece of jewellery will come on  a little velvet cushion inside a well constructed box to offer both protection and allure.  This packaging is loaded with messages, it needs to encapsulate  the expensive nature of its contents, thereby communicating the value of the relationship between the giver and receiver.

Returning to the idea of what matters and how we take care of it, and thinking again of Mrs Pankhurst, Mrs Pepperpot, Sunday Roast and their place in our universe, somehow this sort of wrapping does not seem appropriate. 

So I have made an eggbox out of solid pewter for their eggs to go into.  I took an empty eggbox, almost worth-less, made of pulped cardboard, and through an elaborate multi-stage process of considerable complexity, created an empty space of exactly the same dimensions as the eggbox, which I was then able to fill with pure pewter, melted in a ladle over gas burner in our casting workshop, wearing health and safety garments sufficent to equip us for a lunar expedition.  Many thanks to Helen Kalmijn, technician, whose help and tuition in how to do this have been invaluable.


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