Margaret Legum – It Doe$n’t Have to Be £ike This.

I have been writing an essay about new forms of imperialism, which took me back to a book I read a few years ago by Margaret Legum.  I was lucky enough to meet Margaret on Iona a few months before she died..and was hugely impressed with what she had to say.  I saw a mention of this book in her obituary and ordered it. Many moons ago I studied economics at LSE, at the time when Monetary Economics was taking over, Keynesian Theory having been discredited by the rampant inflation of the 70’s.   The obsession with the market at all costs seemed WRONG,WRONG, WRONG, and always has done: it resulted in a complete a change in social values and the promotion of selfishness above all else.  This weekend in the Observer there was a report that the gap between the rich and the poor in the UK is back at levels last seen in 1918, and growing.  I put this down to our obsession with the market driven economic policy espoused by Thatcherism, but although my intuition knew it could not be right I didn’t have the economic understanding to know why or what alternatives there could be.  Margaret Legums book explains this in terms simple enough for anyone to understand.  It is excellent.

Here is the lady herself, and a link to information about her in Wikipedia:


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