Stillness and reflection

As part of thinking about my experience of the everyday, I have listed all the ‘doing’ activities and the ‘being’ activities.  I tend to do the ‘doing’s first, the ones that require action and are easiest to crack on with.  The consequence is that I am very distracted and scatttered and cannot remember stuff..the worst example being earlier this week: I was driving to work when I realised I was not wearing a vital piece of underwear, due to getting dressed in the dark and in a rush whilst  half asleep.

Time just ‘being’ is vital.  Time for resting the mind and allowing room for spontaneous thought.

On Mull for a few days I tried to capture the essence of some of this contrast.  I was watching a tiny burn, the water is always rushing past, but by capturing some of that water in an empty jam jar, it stayed still within the melee.  An unexpected consequence was that I could see through the jam jar to the bottom of the stream, whereas through the moving water I could not.


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