An awareness of gratitude and surprise.

After much thrashing about I have finally come to a realisation of what this term’s  ‘everyday’ project is about. Several times this term I have found myself standing amongst the school buildings, or in my studio space, in an attitude of surprised and grateful bewilderment that I am a full time student at Glasgow School of Art.  Seems unbelievable.. but is certainly true, and this underlined by the fact the Everyday project is due for completion in the next couple of days, and the first essay deadline is next week!  Help! Deadlines flashing up before I am ready for them.

Who knows what will happen next, maybe the clock will strike midnight and my  golden chariot will turn back into a rotting pumpkin.

Recognising that the current motivation is in response to the notion of gratitude makes a lot of sense.  In the photo I am standing outside the Mackintosh building, which is stunning!

I can’t stay in this hyped up state of surprise and gratitude for the next three years, I need to get grounded again,  but it has definitely been a factor this term.

Those people familiar with the programs of AA and its partner organisation Al-Anon will be familiar with their standard introductions.  In AA a person will say ‘Hi, my name is N and I’m an alcoholic’.  In Al-Anon the introduction is as follows ‘Hi, my name is N, and I am a grateful member of Al-Anon’.  As the only requirement for membership of Al-Anon is ‘that there be a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend’, the fact there is so much gratitude around can seem a little surprising. 


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