Video sketch – Helen and the hens

My sister keeps hens.  They have a very different life to those in the large barns I used to see on my way to work.  Hugely appreciated and loved, the four birds individual characters are known to their family.  The eggs produced by these birds seem to me part of a cycle of giving that occurs with their family. A relationship between humans and the world from which we take our sustenance.   

With thanks to Mrs Pepperpot, Mrs Pankhurst, Joey and Sunday Roast and Helen.  And Toffee for woofing.


One thought on “Video sketch – Helen and the hens

  1. Just watched the film of our chickens. Very sadly Joey is no more. She came down with Mareks disease and had to be put out of her misery. Very sad. But I’m so happy to see yr film where she looks healthy and happy 🙂

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