Video Sketch – Crab

I am very fond of eating crab, tastes better than lobster in my view.  As part of our ‘Everyday’ project for college I have been thinking about my relationships and connectedness with what is around me.. and part of this is about the food I eat and the journey it makes.  Being realistic.

I see edible creatures when diving, but go to look and admire their beauty which puts the relationship with them on a very different footing.  So, in an attempt to make the journey real, I purchased a crab from the Loch Leven Seafood Centre, they told me it had arrived and been put in their tank the night before.  I filmed it crawling across the table, before cooking, preparing and eating it.  The video will eventually appear here if I can ever overcome the technical problems I am having. 

After going to all that trouble, I could not eat the poor creature.  It finished its journey in the bin..I should have filmed it going there.. what a waste.  I felt dreadful.  Eating chickpeas and lentils this week.


One thought on “Video Sketch – Crab

  1. I do admire your honesty in this! This is one of the minor reasons I’m a vegetarian… I do think people should be able to kill their own animals and eat them if they’re going to be carnivores, rather than just going to a supermarket! I think your video will be interesting, though…

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