Money thoughts

In a large shopping centre I visited recently I found these hand washing machines positioned throughout the building. Offering to wash your hands with soap that was 99% alcohol free.  It seemed somewhat incongruous.. why would you want to wash your hands in the middle of shopping alley?  Amidst the huge pressure to consume, with beautifully dressed windows persuading passers-by of their need for more and more luxury items of limited lifespan, in our hugely indebted nation, perhaps a need to take care of the little we have might be a better use for these machines.


One thought on “Money thoughts

  1. It’s the sad and unnecessary influence from across the pond, a germ obsessed nation now passing on their paranoia to the Brits. I stayed in Fort Mason YH in 1993 and there were three sinks for washing up, soapy, rinsing and bleach, the latter no doubt to kill all those nasty germs. The result of this obsession is that the Yanks lose their resistance to common germs and the result may be seen on cruise ships where they go down in great numbers when a bug comes on board. Do we really want that here?

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