Everyday Exploration – of a pond.

My exploration of the pond was the first action in researching the everyday, the project for this term at Glasgow School of Art.    It is the first of a number of ideas I have in response to the brief which I plan to kick off by making video sketches..the others are all in motion but I am not in a position to start filming yet.

I had another go.. this is from the perspective of the camera…it really was very very cold!  I may need to bring my dry suit down.

I keep being asked why I did this. 

I am not 100% sure.  Possibly because I am filled with curiosity about what goes on under the surface, it is a place of great mystery.  I spend hours sitting watching creatures (mainly frogs) emerge and resubmerge again, so I tried to see them under the surface but all was dark.  Also it was about blurring boundaries and mediums..water, air, flower bed, moving between them…just as the frogs do, and re-emerging covered in pond weed.

It was also a bit inspired by the mapping project and a wish to know my environment better.


Julie Brook

Julie Brook is an amazing artist living on Skye who talks and works with the landscape in a way I have never encountered before.  She spent more than a year living in a stone archway on the west coast of Jura, 8 miles from the nearest road access and the experience of just being there alone informed her work in a primeval way that is very powerful.  Amongst other things she made series of firestacks and photographed them, connecting with the way earth fire and water were the basis of existance.

Skye, Sleat peninsular

We have been on a college drawing trip to Skye.  Incredibly strong winds from the South both days, but we spent the time on a beautiful beach at Tokavaig, looking across at the Cuillins, when the swirling lowering clouds allowed. 

I can’t draw mountains like these and do justice to such majesty and power.  So I settled for drawing a rock.