Burning boat

I have been needing to get rid of some particular papers for a while, and so turned them into a boat last week and set fire.. on the last perfect day of beautiful sunshine this holiday..

Designing a boat is more tricky than it looks.. the papers were bathed in melted wax and then stuck to each other with judicious use of an iron.  Early trials in the bath showed a tendency to instability and capsizing..corrected by attaching a keel in the form of a small rock hanging from the mid point .. and some gravel inside.

It was a very still morning, and she looked completely beautiful, with a fixed sail of grease proof paper and a bamboo mast.  She floated along and occasionally was driven by the occasional breeze.  I had lit 3 tea lights inside her and it took ages, about an hour, but suddenly a gust caught them and within a minute all was gone..