This work by Nathan Coley is installed on the lawn outside Edinburgh’s Dean Gallery just now. 

When I first saw it I didn’t take to it much, I thought no miracles ever, what a depressing prospect.  I should move on.. but then I heard about what inspired Coley, an avowed atheist, to make this piece of work, and now I am much more attracted and amused by it.  This extract below is from an interview with the artist from Theatre critic Mark Fishers blog:

The slogan, which he has been using in different ways since 1998, refers to an incident in 17th century France when the number of miracles reportedly taking place in the village of Modseine started to get out of hand. The solution was a notice from the highest authority in the land: “There will be no miracles here, by order of the King.”

Such grandiosity … should we be sending the Queen to make a proclamation in Iceland.



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