Sammlung Boros Bunker

This above ground ‘bunker’ was planned in 1941, built in 1942 and for the rest of the second world war accommodated up to 4000 berliners each night as a refuge from allied bombs.  The walls and doors are incredibly thick and the roof was 3m reinforced concrete.

It has had a very chequered history, but in 2003 it was purchased by Christian Boros, Germany’s answer to Charles Saatchi, and now the building is home to some of his contemporary art collection.  We Telfordites were given a tour on Thursday last week, it was a highlight of the trip.

Everywhere in Berlin the graffiti was prolific.  Some was brilliant and a lot was just messy and unimaginative.  The bunker had a couple of bits of cool graffiti, I like this the most:


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