We weren’t allowed to take photos in the Sammlung Boros Bunker, and there were no little title cards by the works of art, and the tour guide spoke with a strong accent so I didn’t catch the names, but there were several works there that I really liked.  Now I have had a chance to study the website I realise they are almost all by the same artist..Olafur Eliasson.

Below is Berlin Colour Sphere, 1995.  It was hanging in a white room with nothing else present, but the whole room was bathed in lovely warm colours.

Another that I really liked was called Konvex/Konkav.  It appeaed to be a huge circular mirror hanging on the wall with some kind of piston in a tube underneath it, and a perception that the picture in the mirror might be subtly changing.  It turns out that it is an air pump/suction below and the mirror is made of foil so moving in and out, gently breathing.

The last piece I shall include here, although there are others is this one called Ohne Titel 1997, and actually it looked much stronger in the bunker where it was hanging alone in its own tall ceilinged white room than it does in the photo below.  A simple installation of a fan turned on and hanging on a long lead from the ceiling, the thrust from the fan made it act like free floating propeller driving itself randomly around the room, and responding to the drafts made by people coming and going changing the aerodynamics of the space.

The photos are from http://www.sammlung-boros.de


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