I found out yesterday that through my maternal line I am Jewish.  I found my mother, grandmother and great grandmother etc going way back on the American Jewish Archives.   I had no idea.  I was brought up Church of England.  Does it matter?  Of course not, but it means I am not of the same origins as I believed before I knew this.

I have been thinking about ‘truth’ as a concept a lot over the last wee while – and how the ‘absolute truth’ is a somewhat variable notion.

2+2=4 That is always true, I think..?  But from here on it all gets more challenging, and with each year of advancing wrinkledom more and more certainties cease to be exactly certain.

The  relationship between time and truth is not always beneficial, so when I found this painting on Wikipedia I was most intrigued.  It is by François Lemoyne or François Le Moine (1688 – 4 June 1737) ,  a court painter in Versailles who committed suicide only a year after completing this painting.  It is called

Time Saving Truth from Falsehood and Envy

I have to say I don’t think time is at all well qualified to be saving truth from anything at all.


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