Ben Lawers

I spent this weekend hunting for snow, and eventually found it right up high on Ben Lawers.  It was stunning .  Took some photos and did some work on my project.  I have been thinking about how humans have always left marks to show they were there.. from cave man to kids with spray cans.

Both days I have had huge problems with my cine camera, a Bell and Howell 624 Standard 8, shooting Kodak 7302 black and white reversal film.  The film was not running through the camera correctly, but I cannot tell whether it is my rubbish loading, the fact it is a thinner film, or whether the mechanism is sticking.. any way MUCHO FRUSTRATION as the whole point of the trips was to film from writing AM first, then I, and finally HERE, which I failed to achieve because of the loading problems.  However the plan to develop the film as a negative did work from Day 1, Day 2 is still in the camera.. and I am very nervous about  what will appear. 

Here is film, the real thing is good and beautifully sharp, this version below has been recorded with a cheepo camcorder and then scrunched by You Tube.


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