Tushar Joag – The Enlightening Army of the Empire, 2008

I saw this work in the Saatchi Gallery in London yesterday which has an exhibition on called The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today.

The robots were all different and that gave them a humanoid aspect and I was immediately ascribing  individuals personality, even though they were just a series of metal rods and lightbulbs.  The piece was full of a sense of movement, even though the only activity occurring was the burning of electricity.   Interesting how we want to ascribe human qualities of individuality to machines that clearly have neither a brain nor a heart.

From the gallery blurb: Tushar Joag is an interventionist and inventor of mock corporate identities.  He takes a satirical look at the urban classes and suggests that art is responsible for maintaining cultural continuity.  This rhetoric leads him to conceive of unicell, a corporate body of one, that mimics many of the absurdities of government bureaucracy in a continent reliant upon social and political solutions. 


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