Marking Time – Final Piece

The end of marking time this week.  I’m really sorry as it has been a good experience, but I will always be able to think differently about the waiting process in future..when I remember.. that it is an opportunity to use the time rather than to waste it.  Kettles boiling, miles passing, paint drying etc.


The final piece consists of my 6 paintings hanging in sequence on a clothes rail. 

For me they induce a sense of calm and pleasure because thats what they were when I made them, moments of concentrated calm, now captured and stored in my head, there to reflect back on.  I like the metallic clothes rail, a storage vessel ready to be easily wheeled out at my convenience.  The other aspect that has worked well is the use of tracing paper as a medium, as the paintings look the same from either side.  If I look at an image of the back of a head and then turn it over I expect to see the front or the face.. but with tracing paper the image is always of the back giving a sense of elusiveness.


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