Monika Grzymala

I popped into the Fruitmarket Gallery today where they have an exhibition on called The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing.  I was particularly taken with the work of  Monika Grzymala which is the first thing I saw as I walked in.. 2km of Black Masking Shape spread across the upper corner of the room, almost all straight lines of varying lengths but some stuck to the wall and some stretched across space.  I wanted to get in amongst it and watch how the lines moved relative to one another as I waggled my head. 

 The artist described her work as 4d and that she was interested in the time element of her work;  I was trying to understand because it seemed static to me unless I moved .. but then I read in another description of her work a quote from Paul Klee that “a line is point taken for a walk”, and she describes her sculptures as drawing in space.

This picture below is not of the installation at the the Fruitmarket just now, which is a pity as I really liked it, however it is of a similar idea..  The blurb says she makes each installation in situ, taking quite a while over it, and the title is usually the length and type of tape used.  When the exhibition is over she like to come and take it down herself to store the component parts as an art work.


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