Marking time development

The purpose of all my experiments has been about how to move from away from a  ‘killing time’ approach, to being more present in the present moment.  In some experiments, such as watching paint dry, the kettle boil and on the lochside at twilight this has been successful.  However sitting by the loch finding my mind worrying and going off at tangents was not successful in this respect.  I have also noticed that certain activities are very condusive to being in the present moment: painting and making compost in the garden have turned out to be good examples.

What I have concluded is that an interjection or interruption is required,  stopping the motoring on from one thing to the next.  This interruption is often enough, even just for a brief time, to cause a change in energy and attitude that has a profound effect.  So what I want to do is formalise this interruption in an art work.

Yesterday I started with putting together some ideas about how to make a constant motion device, either using simple harmonic motion, or more to do with mechanical actions and reactions maintained by magnets and weights.



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