Watching paint dry.

Today I repainted a section of white wall which was marked and messy with a coat of white paint.  Then I sat down and watched it dry.  It took a bit over an hour.  At times it felt a little bit boring, and because it was shortly after lunch, at times I felt a little bit drowsy.  But mostly it was a calm meditative experience and interesting, looking at the patterns that emerged and just watching and waiting. 

If something is described as being  like ‘Watching paint dry’ it is meant to be understood as being very boring.  Now I know this is not true. 

In this project I am investigating attitudes to time, and how often I spend time wishing it away, killing time, rather than looking for the possiblities available within the moment.  In this context today’s ‘watching paint dry’ exercise has been most illuminating.  For those who wish to re-experience my experience you can watch my video, only just over an hour.  It will be harder for you of course as given the white on white nature of the exercise you cannot tell which is wet and which is dry, however don’t worry, you tube only allowed me to upload 10 minutes maximum.


2 thoughts on “Watching paint dry.

    • Well, painting the unlit candle was just a painting practice, except that it is not possible to paint a candle without it having tons of references. And actually, because I have to concentrate so hard when painting it is another exercise in being in the moment, except that it is easier to concentrate than when watching paint dry when my mind is more easily distracted.

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