A new brief: Marking Time

I am just starting a new brief for the first cluster this term:

Project Brief: Marking Time


To research concepts around human experience of time and, drawing on the conclusions reached, produce a 3d art work.

Time Allocation:

The project is allocated 8 weeks, of which at least 4 weeks will be purely on research and experimentation.

Summary of Programme:

First part:

  • To observe and record my own experience of time.
  • To observe and record the response of other people around me to time.
  • To conduct experiments around time.
  • To look at metaphors concerning time.
  • To look at symbology around time as represented in art works.
  • To research artists whose work has a central theme concerning time.

Second part:

  • Responding to the findings above, design and create art work.


  • Critical assessment as to whether final artwork meets my requirements in expressing the conclusions reached during the research part of this project.
  • Photograph and present the final artwork on my blog so people outside college can respond.
  • Listen to response from peers and tutors during class critical review.

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