We have 44½ hours to complete this brief to produce one/some A6 Art works, and of those 44½ hours I will be asleep for 15 hours, driving 4 hours and working 12½ hours.  The prospects are not good.

However, on dashing into Morrisons to buy supper, my eye happened upon two small octopi, sitting atop a mound of ice on the fresh fish display.  I have swum with Octopi before now, been entranced by their beautiful movement, seen them change colour before my eyes, even watched them making love.  Both octopi were small, youngsters not full grown, dead atop the ice mound, charged at £2.09 /lb.  I bought the smaller of the two; it cost me 49p, and the tupperware tub to put it in cost 99p.

IMG_5745It says it is otter trawl caught in the NE Atlantic.  These are nets dragged along the bottom of the sea bed where they scoop up everything and do lots of damage to the sea floor which takes years to recover.

This octopus is Octopus Vulgaris.  It’s full lineage sounds like something from Debretts Peerage and Baronetage:



Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum:   Mollusca

Class:          Cephalopoda

Order:        Octopoda

Family:     Octopodidae

Genus:       Octopus

SubGenus: Octopus

Species:     O. vulgaris

Octopus vulgaris – Cuvier 1797

Price:           49p


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