Painting stress 1

I would like to be able to paint, but feel unable to do so because I simply am not good enough.  Each time I pick up a brush a concurrent feeling of inadequacy moves in to my head and I am stuck before I start.  Is painting skill a genetic thing, a gene that you get along with the gay gene and a whole lot of other stuff, not all of it wanted.. I am not convinced.

I wanted to do a painting for this last project, to give myself an opportunity to practice in college.. but Alan asked what was the relevance and justification for making a painting to fulfill the brief on individuality and social control.  I said I need to get over my panic about painting.. he said practice at home with still lifes.

As I always do what I am told.. today has been the first of what I hope will be many attempts to overcome this issue.  Hopefully I won’t end up using my brushes for kindling in despair (as the bristles are nylon and will emit noxious fumes).

Armed with what I learned from Sara Beevers in her Painting and Drawing Classes two years ago, and two apples and a bucket of acrylic paints, I got stuck in.  Half way through I needed a bit of help so I went and googled Cezanne, apple painter extroadinaire, who sorted me out. 


Constructive criticism will be very welcome.


5 thoughts on “Painting stress 1

  1. I am not expert in paintings (I draw myself and find the use of colour really difficult). I find your still life really nice (apples are well executed and the choice of colours really good), however the back shamely “cool down” the apples. I hope my comment can be helpful. Carry on !

  2. Good enough to eat! No small praise coming from someone who spent yesterday afternoon turning hundredds of not-quite-good-enough-to-eat apples into juice. Transition towns and zero carbon food, here we come!

  3. there is a small cheap book you might benefit from called “Hawthorne on Painting” Keep working, that is the only way to improve. Progress comes gradually and in spurts. It helps to just suite up and show up, clocking time in the studio, puttering away at it starts to generate momentum. Eventually you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your ideas. What if? and What else? These are good questions…give yourself room to risk making a mistake, so much of it is about making adjustments until it feels right. I like the freeway landscape.

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