Individuality and social control

More test pieces,  this shadow show was projected on to tracing paper and filmed from behind.

Looking at the mechanised automatons I intended to protray this idea has been developed further:

legs I took a cropped photograph of the legs and feet of the figures.. and used this as the basis for a screen print..

The aim being to print the negative space only, emphasising the removal of humanity from the image.  IMG_5729IMG_5731

There is a curve along the base of the image.  My intention was to have them marching time around a treadmill, the radius of which is 60 cm.

However.. despite by best intentions.. the screen print came out with them marching  from left to write instead of the other way round… ANTI .. typical.

The final screen print I photocopied 12 times.. and fixed them in a circle.. the black and white photocopy being a ubiquitous symbol of our age.



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