Guillermo Vargas , also known as Habacuc

This inforamtion is off Wikipedia………

Habacuc is a Costa Rican artist who caused huge controversy when he included in an exhibition in Nicaragua a dog tied to the wall with a the title above it You Are What You Read written in spanish on a wall using dog biscuits to make the script; rumours spread through the media that the dog had been left until it died of starvation.  In fact the gallery confirmed that the dog was found on the street in an emaciated state, and only was in the gallery tied up for 3 hours before it escaped.

However Habacuc’s comments on the artwork and the whole controversy are very interesting:

Vargas himself refused to comment on the fate of the dog, but noted that no one tried to free the dog, give it food, call the police, or do anything for the dog. Vargas stated that the exhibit and the surrounding controversy highlight people’s hypocrisy because no one cares about a dog that starves to death in the street. In an interview with Vargas explained that he was inspired by the death of Natividad Canda, an indigent Nicaraguan addict who was killed by two rottweilers in Cartago Provine, Costa Rica, while being filmed by the news media in the presence of police, firefighters, and security guards.


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