Joyce Gunn Cairns

Joyce is a wonderful artist and friend whose work has often inspired me.  I told her about the sagas with Tescos and the Police.. and she sent me this poem and sketch she did from the photo of a frog in her friends garden (bet it is glad it doesn’t hang out near the A68).

Here’s the Kathleen Jamie.  It is absolutely to the point, esp the last three verses. ! !

But for her green
palpitating throat, they lay
inert as a stone, the male
fastened like a package
to her back.  They became,
as you looked, almost
beautiful, her back
mottled to leafy brown,
his marked with two stripes,
pale as over-wintered grass.
When he bucked, once,
neither so much as blinked;
their oval, gold-lined eyes
held to some bog-dull
imperative. The car
that would smear them
into one – belly
to belly, tongue thrust
utterly into soft brain –
approached and pressed on
Oh how we press on –
the car and passengers , the slow
creatures of this earth,
the woman by the verge
with her hands cupped.
joyces frog

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