Jane and Louise Wilson – Unfolding The Aryan Papers

There is a film showing as the centre-piece of an exhibition at Talbot Rice Gallery until 25th September by identical twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson.  The film is called Unfolding the Aryan Papers, and it is about another film project planned by Stanley Kubrick.  Kubrick got into detailed planning of his film, including casting it,Wilson4prs4_200 planning the shots and layout and researching all the history.  He then abandoned the whole project, either overwhelmed by the enormity of the subject, or reflecting that it was a bad time for this film to be made so soon after the release of Spielbergs ‘Schindler’s List’.  The leading actress cast for the role, dutch born Johanna ter Steege, had been very excited by the project, it was to be her big career break and she was on ‘standby’ for months waiting for filming to start, so when she learned the project was to be abandonned she was terribly disappointed.

The film made by the Wilson sisters is about the unmade project and features the disappointed actress.  It was shown on a huge screen with equally huge mirrored sdies within a black gaus=ze box, so looking left and right the film continued in to infinity on either side.  the film featured long slow shots of the actress or scenery, where only very small movements such as her hair waving of her chest moving slightly gave away that is was a moving image, with still shots slipped in.  Like Presentation Sisters, not much happened, the pace was very slow, and yet it worked on multiple layers at the same time.


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